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Studio 44 Mauritius Craft Workshops

Introduction to Embossing on Metal

Embossing workshop is of two sessions.

I will show you how to start embossing, what to look for and to choose the correct tool for the project.
The project will be to decorate a small box with the embossed piece of your choice.
I will show you how you protect the embossing once done.
As we have to import all raw materials, I have devised a way to practice embossing on locally available raw material.
At the end of the workshop you will have a box to take home.
The workshop for the two sessions is Rupees 3 000.00
We encourage crafters to pursue a craft of their choice.
Pewter can be mixed with other mediums to create a multitude of projects combining
glass, clay, acrylic, mosaic and others.
We have the tools and raw material at the studio and will be happy to share our experiences with the crafter.
You can rent space at the studio to complete projects of your own and you can rely on our guidance when needed.


Embossing is the art of creating reliefs and 3D look to an image.
Embossing was usually done on sheets of pewter, which is a combination of lead and tin. Today with the help of rollers and the discovery of aluminum, very thin sheets of aluminum alloy is produce and used in embossing.
Sheets are also coloured in various colours.
Copper is also another material that, when rolled thin to a 32 gauge is also used for embossing.
An inexpensive way to start is to use cans of bears or sodas, as they are made from an alloy containing aluminum, although a bit harder to work with, it is ideal for debutant and in children classes. The result is more than acceptable.
As with every craft practice makes perfect.
Embossing is a craft with lots of possibilities and suitable to every age group.
Decorating, mix media, in a mosaic project, use on bottles as a decoration.

We at The Creative Quarter,

have the required material, equipment and knowledge to make this craft interesting.
Using recycled material (glass bottles, beer and other cans)
is an opportunity to a second life to waste and converting it, into useful household objects
or office deco.

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