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Studio 44 Mauritius Craft Workshops


Introduction to Resin
The workshop is to show how to use resin to create jewelry by mixing resin
with paint and other small inclusions.

In this workshop:

You will be supplied the molds and resin necessary to create three items.
The idea is for you to choose from a selection of molds that we have at the studio.
You will be guided through the process of mixing the resin, and the safety issues.
The resin takes a minimum time to harden and the finished items will have to be collected at a second session.
The introduction workshop is 3 hours long and is at Rupees 1 500.00 all-inclusive.
For those interested in doing more, like making their own molds etc. it can be discussed
at the workshop.
We hope that the pictures below will entice you and have your creative juices flowing.

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