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Studio 44 Mauritius Craft Workshops


Introduction to Mosaic
The introduction to mosaic is a 4 session workshop, costing Rupees 8000.
We will supply all the necessary material and equipment
for you to be able to create two pieces to take home.

In this workshop:

You have the choice between doing a piece on glass, wood or cut bottle.
The mosaic supplied is made of glass, so the advantage of doing a project on glass,
is that it can be hung in a window as a light catcher.
The workshops are of three hours; with a fifteen-minute break in between.
The workshop is suitable to adults and children of 6 and older.
Great workshops: for family or team building.

Mosaic with a difference

Once you have the feel of mosaic, we will encourage you to take the next step.
In this workshop I will show you how to make your own mosaic, by cutting the glass to the sizes you wish, paint the pieces, which I will then fuse in the kiln.
The scope is much bigger as you will discover by attending the workshop.
We hope that the pictures below will entice you and have your creative juices flowing.

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