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Meet the Artists

Barbara and Jean Claude Desvaux de Marigny

Husband and wife team


Barbara and Jean Claude Desvaux de Marigny
...With over 25 years of experience working with glass, we follow our passion to produce beautiful,
high quality, unique pieces made with love, reflecting our passion for working in the medium of glass.
Our lamp worked beads by Barbara are handcrafted in the flame
by melting rods of Italian glass from Murano.
Jean Claude’s main focus is on creating beautiful items for the table
and home décor in glass and other mediums.
There is something for everyone in our range of creations.
Bespoke items can be ordered.
You are welcome to see us in action at our studio in Mauritius.


Hello, my name is Barbara and I am a lamp worker. My love of art and crafts started as a child and grew as I matured. From fine arts I went on to painted glass and stained glass. On a holiday to South Africa I took a course in lampworking and from that moment on I was totally enthralled by this craft. I had to wait 7 years to retire from the corporate world in 2011 and be able to fulfill my dream of lampworking full time. It is my passion and when I am in front of my torch my mind is at peace and I am totally in the moment. I love to innovate and create and hope that you will enjoy my range.

Jean Claude

Hello, my name is Jean Claude. I am an artist who has worked in many different mediums over the years. As a boy I loved to draw and paint and over the years I studied fine arts and worked in charcoal, crayon, pastels, acrylic and oils. However, on a visit to an exhibition in France I saw beautiful stained glass work and the desire to learn this stayed with me for many years. 
On a subsequent visit to Australia my wife Barbara and I had the opportunity to take a crash course in Stained Glass. Years later, we immigrated to South Africa, there we had the opportunity to take night classes, and for many years we enjoyed creating lamps, panels, windows, etc. 
Having moved back to Mauritius, in 2003, it was difficult to carry the range of coloured glass necessary for stained glass. I decided to move onto fused and slumped glass, which enables me to use clear glass and specially manufactured paints, which melts into the glass, when I fire the pieces is fired in the kiln.
This gives me a large range of colour options and I love innovating. 
I still enjoy painting, chain maille, pewter, silver art clay and resin.  
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