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Studio 44 Mauritius Craft Workshops

Bead Making

Introduction to Bead Making
by Barbara Desvaux de Marigny
Lampworking/flame working/bead making – it is known by many names - has become my passion and I love sharing my knowledge gained over the past 16 years with others.
The course is held in 3 sessions of 3 hours each for a total cost of Rupees 3 750.00.
The price includes all material and tools necessary for you to have a good feel of the process.

In this workshop:

The course will cover the following:


  • GLASS: Composition, Coefficient of Expansion, How different colours are made
  • DIFFERENT DECORATIONS:  Frit, making stringers and twisties, decorating with dots
  • SAFETY:  What you need for protection
  • EQUIPMENT: Torch, mandrels and their preparation, basic tools
  • KILNS and the importance in annealing 
  • CLEANING BEADS: Tools used and quality control

After the 3 sessions may book individual sessions where you will be taught the art and technique
of decorating your beads.
Making your own twisties and stringers.
The use of different molds to create diamonds, hearts beads etc.
You will charged a flat rate of Rupees 300.00 per hour for the use of equipment ,gas and oxygen.
You will be able to buy your glass rods at cost price.

Our aim is have more people interested in the art and craft of bead making.
As you build confidence we will encourage you to carry on and eventually have your own equipment and start your own business or simply enjoy making beads for your personal use or for friends.
We will encourage you once you have mastered the trade to start using recycled glass bottles.
The process is the same, the technique a little bit more advanced.
We hope that the pictures below will entice you and have your creative juices flowing.

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