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Femo Clay

Introduction to Polymer Clay
Polymer clay also known as femo clay is a fantastic material for crafters to test their ability to create their own jewelry and other decorative pieces.
It is a very easy material to work with.
The clay comes in a variety of colours. The colours can be blended.
Various techniques are used, to achieve very interesting designs.
Let your imagination run wild, the sky is the limit.
We are offering workshops where you will learn what can and cannot be done,
how to use the clay to create intricate patterns.
We have a selection of workshops available at the Studio 44 Mauritius.
The introduction to polymer clay is a two-day workshop where you will be given the basics
on how to work with the clay.
We have all the necessary raw clay and tools necessary to make it possible
to achieve great projects.

In this workshop:

Introduction to Polymer clay: two sessions Rupees 3 000.00
In the two workshops you will get to know the clay, what you can do and cannot.
Try various combinations and learn how to bland the clay into a manageable material.
We will supply all the necessary material and equipment to make it enjoyable to the participant.
You will be able to learn how to make jewelry items as: bracelets, rings, earrings or pendants.
The raw pieces need to be baked and then varnished. We will show you how.
In the workshops you will be able to make your own set of ring, bracelet and earrings.
At the end of the workshops we hope that you will carry-on and use the Studio’s facilities
and equipment at an hourly rate.
You will be able to purchase the clay from us.
We hope that the pictures below will entice you and have your creative juices flowing.

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