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Studio 44 Mauritius Craft Workshops

Bottle Art

Recycling Glass Bottles

In this workshop:

we will teach you how to transform a glass bottle into a useful item for decoration,
for the table and for light fittings.
I will show you how to choose the bottle for the right application, and prepare it for use.
I will show and teach you what I have learned over the past  years,
working with different types of glass.

The workshop is held over TWO sessions of 3 hours each.

Next steps:

  1. How to cut the glass bottles
  2. Make a pattern and cut the glass
  3. Tricks to cut smaller pieces
  4. Polish the glass
  5. Decorate the glass bottles with paint
  6. How to make a hanging lamp shade
Bottles can be cut into a variety of shapes,
they can be used as light fittings, I will show you how to wire the piece together.
Bottles can be used as planters.
Bottles can be decorated with a variety of materials to achieve the desired effect.

I will supply all the raw material and tools necessary for the project.

The workshop for the two sessions is Rupees 3 550.00.
We encourage students to use the facilities available at the studio until such time as they are ready to go on their own.
You can rent space at the studio for only Rupees 350.00 per hour;
you will have access to all tools and equipment necessary for your project.
The cost of the glass, paint etc, will be calculated according to the type of glass and paint used.
Looking forward to welcoming you to the world of hot glass.

We respect the environment.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to learn how to do their part in GOING GREEN.

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