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About us

Glass Artists

Barbara & Jean Claude Desvaux de Marigny

...with over 20 years of experience working with glass, we follow our passion to produce beautiful, high quality, unique pieces of tableware, corporate gifts, glassware and jewellery.
Each piece is handcrafted to high standards, made with love, passion and attention to detail.
Each bead used in our products is handcrafted in our studio in the flame
using high quality Italian glass rods.
Beads are annealed for strength.
Our quality control standards are very high.

Our studio is situated in Calodyne on the north east coast of Mauritius. 
We welcome visitors.
Classes can be arranged on request for a variety of crafts. 
We offer tourists the chance to combine a holiday with learning a new craft.
From wedding gifts, personal gifts, corporate gifts, tableware, dinner services and beautiful glass pieces - there is something for everyone.
Bespoke items can be ordered.
Studio 44 has been awarded the coveted "made in moris" label,
only given to those who pass strict requirements.
Studio 44 Mauritius

To use our artistic creativity to provide high quality, unique products at a fair price.

To deal with honesty and integrity and

to build a loyal client base.

Studio 44 Mauritius
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